Nearly half of the workforce in the U.S. is employed by the 30.7 million small enterprises. The majority of these small companies have fewer than 20 employees.

If you are a business owner, you are aware that your staff depends on you to provide for their daily needs. Even though you have a small crew, you still require the same business technologies that big organizations have.

The issue is that technology isn’t inexpensive. You need to be aware of which technology you absolutely must use and which ones you can go without.

Continue reading to find out which business technology you require to run a successful firm.

1. Accounting Software

You must monitor your budget regardless of the kind of business you run. Even while an Excel spreadsheet is a useful tool, it lacks some essential accounting features. Additionally, you must keep track of payments, remit bills, and gauge your financial flow.

You may complete each of these activities using accounting software. The applications FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online are well-liked among business owners.

2. Human Resources Software

You need HR as a small business owner, but you might not have the money to engage an HR professional. Fortunately, you can track employee time sheets, vacation, continuing education, and benefits with the correct software.

Additionally, your staff will value having everything they require in one location.

3. Cloud Backups for Your Business Data

You need a secure location to retain any customer information, medical records, or financial data you hold for your company. You might believe that hard copies and storage on hard drives are sufficient. However, both hard copies and computers are susceptible to theft, destruction, and hacking.

You may feel secure knowing that your data is safe with cloud backup services. You won’t lose any time accessing your data in the event of an emergency at work. Additionally, you won’t need a sizable server or filing cabinets in your business, freeing up valuable floor space.

4. Website Management Tools

Nearly 45% of business owners lacked a website in 2017. Before calling or coming to your location, customers may conduct an online search for your company. They might go to one of your competitors if there isn’t a website for them to visit.

There’s no reason not to create a website now that it’s simpler and more economical than before. With Shopify or SquareSpace, you can do it yourself, or you can pay a marketing firm to handle it for you.

5. Communication Technology

Your specific requirements will depend on your industry and workforce, but communication is a necessity for all organizations. Both your personnel and your clientele must speak with one another on a regular basis.

A company phone system, email program, Google Hangouts, Slack, or a mix of all of them may be necessary. Choose the business technology that, in your opinion, would be most useful, and move forward from there.

Consider Adding These Business Technologies to Your Operation

Business technology can assist you in managing your finances, enhancing data security, and expanding your clientele. Although we’ve included some of the most useful technology, you must determine which is best for your company.

If you’re in need of IT support or managed IT solutions, we can help. Here at ITX Tech Group, we specialize in helping small businesses with their tech needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help.