These days, most businesses rely on digital technology to keep their organization afloat. This reliance on digital technology expanded after the outbreak of COVID. At this time, many companies expanded their networks to allow employees to work remotely.

In most cases, these networks could expand because of cloud services. These cloud servers can protect business data and make it more accessible to employees.

However, because so much of your business data is on the cloud, it’s essential that your cloud remains safe. To ensure this, companies need the best cloud backup services available.

These services back up your files to protect them from a crash. However, many companies struggle to choose the best cloud backup provider.

If that describes you, don’t worry! We’ll explore how to choose the best option in the guide below.

The Best Cloud Backup Provides Security and Privacy

The most critical services cloud backup providers can offer are security and privacy. Many businesses say they have concerns about their security when embracing cloud services.

For better or worse, different backup providers offer various security levels. Some services can set your cloud backup provider above the pack.

First, find a provider who uses two-step verification. Traditionally, network logins have one step: entering the username and password.

Two-step verification offers another layer of protection, including an extra one-time password that the service generates with each login attempt.

Another helpful strategy involves encrypting data to protect it during transfer. During these transfers, your files could become vulnerable to attack.

Several encryption algorithms exist that offer various levels of protection. Ask your prospective cloud backup company what algorithms they use and what points they encrypt.

Mixing with SaaS Applications

When considering which cloud services to work with, ask yourself: “What SaaS applications does my business use?” These applications may not have compatibility with the backup services offered by a company.

For example, let’s say your business frequently uses Google Apps for business. If so, you’ll need the best backup system that works with those apps.

The same holds for systems like Microsoft Office 365. This system will also rely on different cloud backup services to protect your files.

Automation of Backup

When you run a business, it’s essential to have quick backup options. Many services allow you to run a backup with a button click. However, automated backup is an even better solution.

When your backup kicks in automatically, it saves you from worrying about your file security. Instead, you can focus on the other responsibilities your business demands. So, find a service that offers automated backups to save time.

How Often Does Downtime Occur?

Backup services are not immune to threats and harm. Sometimes, even the best systems experience downtime and affect your productivity.

The question is, how often does your provider experience that downtime? When you search for a provider, ensure that they have a record of low downtime.

Check Out Our Cloud Backup Services!

Finding the best cloud backup services can be easy when you follow these tips. Often, it’s best to search for local options that can support your business.

We offer a variety of cloud backup options to keep your data secure and accessible. Connect with us today to learn more!