It’s estimated that 94% of businesses rely on cloud solutions. With such an overwhelming proportion of enterprises adopting cloud services, there are some clear some major advantages to be gained.

What do you know about the benefits of cloud storage? Is your business already using one or more cloud storage solutions?

Keep reading as we recap four of the most important reasons for relying on cloud storage rather than traditional data management.

1. Security

The predominant reason for choosing a cloud storage provider is due to security. From malware to natural disasters, there are many potential dangers to storing your files offline.

At ITX Tech Group, we offer both local and cloud backup solutions. This ensures that your data is secure against all forms of data breach: employee misuse, server crashes, and more. The network of servers we use means that even if one server fails, your data remains intact across our data center network.

The ability to keep your files safe and secure will allow you, your employees, and your clients to have peace of mind.

2. Cost

Next up in our guide to cloud storage are the cost benefits. Thanks to cloud solutions, there’s no need to pay for an expensive infrastructure for data management.

When your data is kept in the cloud, the costs of maintaining this can be shared among the different businesses that use the same cloud storage provider. This results in incredible savings compared to traditional data storage, especially when combined with other managed IT services.

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3. Convenience

One of the best reasons to use cloud storage is because of the convenience. It’s straightforward to access, edit, and share files that are hosted on the cloud. This is particularly relevant for employees who work from home or travel for work.

All that’s needed is an internet connection, and the entirety of your business’s data is at your fingertips.

Cloud storage also enables better collaboration, as multiple users can access and work on documents in real-time.

4. Scalability

Finally, an important piece of cloud storage advice relates to its scalability. One of the most useful facets of cloud solutions is the ability to rapidly expand the storage space required.

Cloud storage can adjust and grow with your business, according to your needs. Businesses simply pay for what they use, meaning there is no money wasted on what you predicted you would need, have not in fact used.

Those Are Some of the Most Important Benefits of Cloud Storage

Having covered the key benefits of cloud storage, it’s time to assess how your business is managing its data. Are you using a public or private cloud already? If a disaster occurred in your offices, how much of your data is backed up?

For assistance managing cloud storage for business, our team at Inception Network Strategies is here to help. Connect with us and we’ll help your business ensure your data is private, accessible, and secure.