Throughout the last few years, businesses have faced the daunting task of working with a decentralized office. This created a unique problem of how to keep everyone connected to the same system as the customers. The answer for many companies was VoIP phone service.

Many companies already have their computer networks in the cloud. They also see the appeal of moving their telecommunication services there. Read on to learn why businesses are switching to VoIP.

Cost & Value

A VoIP phone system reduces the cost of your company’s telecommunication costs. With a VoIP system, you won’t need the upkeep of a legacy phone infrastructure or the monthly costs. Many broadband internet providers also offer a VoIP business phone system.

That means there’s less overhead with keeping a separate department for phone upkeep. A hosted VoIP solution adds more benefits as well. That includes eliminating traditional fees such as long-distance charges.

Tying your phones into your broadband service means services that used to cost extra are now included.

Adding employees to the system costs nothing as does moving them to different numbers. Features such as call forwarding, video calls, conferences, and more are now all included in your new VoIP phone system.


With VoIP phone service you’re no longer tied to a landline. Anyplace you have broadband, you have your phone service.

If you have a phone, PC, or tablet, you can connect and get voice mail. VoIP phone system also means you can set up virtual numbers in virtually any area code you need.

Having these options means your VoIP system is fast and easy to use. When many of your workers need to work remotely, a broadband VoIP connection is the easiest way to keep everyone under the same umbrella.

Wherever your employees are, they can plug in their connectors and be on the system.

Service & Support

With a VoIP business phone system, you have access to new service and support tools to help your customers. These tools were once limited to telemarketers and huge corporate call centers. With these tools, you can better serve your customer base.

The more robust your customer support is, the happier they will be with your service. Plus, you can automate repetitive tasks involved with customer support. This makes your people more efficient.

The faster you can resolve customer complaints, the more satisfied they will be. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they will recommend your business to others. Thus, the more customers you can help means more business comes in.

Make the Change to VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phone service has many advantages. With the unparalleled flexibility a VoIP system gives you, your business can take itself above and beyond what it is now. Make the change to the best VoIP phone service out there.

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