An employee loses six hours of productivity when their workflow is interrupted.

Workplace productivity gets hindered by constant demands placed on employees. And employees may face challenges dealing with workplace technology.

Rapid changes and updates in the technology realm directly impact your workday.

Remote work culture has moved all workplace functions to a digital base. Employees have to learn new tech applications and devices to carry out their work.

Your business technology has to be up to date to keep your operation running smoothly. Here are some IT issues that may be impacting productivity in the workplace.

IT Issues

Staying productive at work is difficult when you encounter technical difficulties. Program glitches or shutdowns can delay your work and ruin your day.

These tech woes will decrease an employee’s efficiency.

Slow Internet Connection

All businesses depend on the internet to carry out daily operations. When your internet is slow, your business and employees will not perform well.

Responding to work requests on time with a slow internet connection is impossible. And getting your internet serviced will eat up most of your workday.

Invest in a higher bandwidth to get faster internet speeds. Programs like Zoom and Google Meet run smoother on bandwidths of 2.5Mbps or higher.

Outdated Technology

You may think you are saving money but not upgrading your tech equipment costs you time. Faster equipment increases productivity and yields higher product output.

Update your business technology to boost the efficiency of your business. Older technology lags and is incompatible with newer software applications. And the start-up and log-off times for older devices are lengthy.

You waste valuable time waiting for old computers to do simple functions like copy and paste. Try not to wait until your computer gives you the blue screen of death to update it.

Pay attention to the signs of decline your devices give you and plan for a technology overhaul.

New High Tech Gadgets

Updating your business technology is a sign of progress, but the transition can be tough. Some technology equipment can be drastically different from its previous version.

You and your employees may experience difficulties navigating the new features on the tech devices. It helps to get a demonstration of new technology before making any purchases.

IT specialists can teach your employees how to use updated software and devices.

Technology Productivity

Uninterrupted workflow is possible when your business has responsive technology. But employees also need the confidence to use the new equipment and software.

True technology productivity is a simplified user experience with a quick response time.

Productivity in the Workplace

Your company’s efficiency may be negatively affected by your current technology devices. Your business must have the latest technology to compete in the digital world.

Analyze what is stunting productivity in the workplace for your business, and contact us for a FREE consultation to see which IT services will best suit your business needs.