It’s easy to overlook wireless networks.

WiFi networks form the foundations of many companies, but they’re often in the background. They’re just there, and if there isn’t a noticeable problem, ignoring them is a common thing to do. But the truth is, if your business WiFi isn’t secure and up to date, you’re at risk.

In these days of interconnectedness, and looming developments like the “Internet of Things,” wireless networks are crucial to the success of most companies.

So whether you’re a large manufacturing company, or just a small restaurant, WiFi is one service you can’t afford to overlook.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should modernize and upgrade your wireless networks as soon as possible.

1. Greater Bandwidth for Multiple Connected Devices

Most times, a router is restricted in what it can do. Communication is limited to a specific number of devices; any more, and your network speed decreases. New technologies for managed WiFi can help obviate this problem. Cloud hosting and upgraded routers help with faster upload and download speeds.

There should also be far fewer data interruptions, and the quality of streaming services and information processing will be much improved. And that will mean less of a strain on business IT support services.

Plus, with more connected devices, your business can start to realize its potential.

2. Improved Security

With the prevalence of hackers and cyber-attacks of every kind, security is critical.

This is probably the most important reason to upgrade your wireless networks. Next-gen wireless technologies, like WiFi 6, include strong new security measures that are a vast improvement on previous iterations. And no matter what business you operate, secure networks are no longer optional in today’s business environment.

3. Better Battery Life for Devices

One of the problems with old WiFi networks was their effect on device battery life. Devices were always searching for signals, and so they kept their energy-hungry antennas powered on.

With newer networks and WiFi 6 routers, devices can conserve power by planning router communications. And although this may seem like a small enough matter, it’s important for employees and customers who aren’t always able to plug in. The result? Greater productivity for employees, and more time spent in your business for customers.

4. It’s Worth the Investment

Finally, it probably goes without saying that upgrading your wireless networks is worth the expense.

Investing in cloud services, expanded data plans, managed IT services, and WiFi 6 is a small price to pay for better operations and greater customer experience. And by creating a more flexible and versatile network, you’re ensuring your business will remain competitive.

Upgrade Your Wireless Networks Today

Modernizing and updating your wireless networks doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. The technology and equipment has come so far that a competent business IT provider can have your new networks up and running in no time.

So you don’t have to take on the upgrades yourself. At ITX Tech Group, we make it our business to improve yours. Interested in learning more about upgrading your wireless networks? Go ahead and connect with us today to learn how we can help.