How do you run a successful business? Naturally, you need a solid business plan and a product that people want. It’s also important to have excellent resources that help your business run.

These resources can include the type of staff you hire, supplies, as well as tools, and technology. One of the most important pieces of technology you’ll need is network cabling.

Businesses need a good network connection to process data and keep up with their competitors. Your business can sell the best product in the world, but if your network can’t keep up, it can impact your productivity. Here is how network cabling can help you.

What is Network Cabling?

Network cabling, also known as structured cabling, is a resource used in schools, businesses, churches, and other places that connect to a network. Network cables are the method of transmitting information from one device to another.

Network cabling refers to the infrastructure of these cables, and their utility to meet the needs of those using the network.

Network cabling is scalable, has less downtime, can resolve issues quickly, looks clean, and is safe.

Why Use Network Cables?

Computer networking is complex, but there is only one goal in mind with network cables – information transfer. Information travels through a network in data packets. These packets are bits and bytes of numerically-coded information sent from one device on the network to another.

The promote network efficiency and speed, most networks break down data into its smallest components. The network sends these small pieces of data individually, and once they reach their destination, they’re reconfigured. The cables provide the way data travels, acting as a road for the pieces of information.

How to Choose a Cabling Category

There are several tiers of structured cabling you can choose for your business. Higher category numbers have a higher speed. Categories go as high as 6a.

Categories 6 and 6a have far superior speeds to category 5e. 5e cabling is still used somewhat to help bridge short gaps where it wouldn’t drastically impact network speed.

Lower category cables may be an option if your business has budget limitations. They are also a good option if your data transfer requirements are low.

Benefits of Network Cabling

The primary benefit of this system is that it is easy to scale. Network cabling packages wires neatly. This makes it easy for IT support to add additional equipment, machines, computers, and more to your network.

The organization of network cabling also leads to fewer connectivity issues, which means less downtime. Any problems with your network can be solved quicker since issues are easier to find.

The organized structure also leaves your space with a cleaner look.

Network cabling is also safer. Since there are no loose cables within this network, fires, electrical shocks, and falls are minimized.

Equip Your Business for Success

With network cabling, you’ll have the best data transfer system available. It is manageable, neat, and issues will be quick to find and fix. There are also different tiers to match your budget and data requirements.

At ITX Tech Group, we provide vendors and resources to help provide you with the network experience you desire. Not only do we provide network cabling, but we also have managed IT services, cloud & hosted backups, and business phone systems as well.

Connect with us so we can help you meet your business’ network needs.