Take a moment to think about your business’ IT maintenance. How do you take care of it? A typical small business handles IT in one of two ways: a small IT department that only takes care of a few tasks a month, or there is no IT department and employees perform their maintenance.

Neither of the above situations is ideal. A managed IT service provider can lower technology costs and add value to every department in your organization.

A common way that small businesses handle their IT maintenance is the break-fix method. This way of maintenance means that a business would find a company that is trained to resolve IT issues. Such issues include hardware failure, data loss, or something as simple as an email flow problem.

When you handle IT maintenance this way, the downtime caused by the issue ends up costing more than the services of the IT company.

Downtime hits a business twice, with costs for maintenance and reduced productivity. It’s important to consider all ways to reduce or eliminate downtime because of an IT issue.

A managed IT service provider provides proactive monitoring and maintenance to prevent the small problems from turning into catastrophes.

A break-fix IT company is not in the business of offering long-term solutions. It is in their best interest that your technology and network break down often.

A managed IT service provider doesn’t just perform a temporary fix. They look at the reasons why an issue occurred and how to prevent it from happening in the future. A managed IT service provider aims to reduce your company’s costs and downtime.

A managed IT provider can be a valuable partner to your current IT set up, whether you have a staff or not. By working with your existing IT department, managed IT professionals will handle issues your staff hasn’t had time for. Your on-site technicians can begin implementing new solutions that have been put on hold while working on employee issues. Your team will become more efficient and have your technology operating effortlessly.

A managed IT provider will fit into any role you need them to, either as a supplement to your on-site technicians or a full-service provider.

A managed IT provider is easier to work with on a budgetary level. With a break-fix IT company, you pay for a service at the time of the event. A cost that you were not planning for. With a managed IT provider, you pay monthly like you would any other expense. All while having your IT maintenance taken care of.

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