Every business owner is familiar with the phrase, “time is money.” In 2023, however, a more appropriate term might be, “uptime is money.” In the modern world, servers keep a digital business up and running.

Anytime your servers go down, it means your business is unable to serve customers or make new sales. In the worst circumstances, it could mean that you lose valuable data forever.

This article contains a list of common server issues and some tips on preventing them. The information in this article will help you figure out how to approach server backup and keep your business processes up and running. Keep reading to learn more.

Power Outages

The best way to protect your server from a power outage is to connect the server to an uninterrupted power supply.

No business can prevent power outages entirely, but you can provide your server with a backup power source. An uninterrupted power supply can provide your servers with power if your building loses power.


One of the issues with maintaining your servers is you have to keep them cool. You can’t just put your servers in a room and let them run. Servers need airflow, and some servers may even require special cooling equipment to keep them from overheating.

You can use a managed service provider to avoid this issue entirely or invest in cooling equipment to keep your servers from overheating.

Hardware Failure

If you’ve ever gone through a long server troubleshooting session, you know how frustrating it is when your server experiences hardware failure. Different components of a server can break down over time if they aren’t well-maintained.

You should make it a point to remove built-up dust from the server and check the various components for any signs of wear.

Software Issues

Even if you do everything right to maintain your server hardware, a virus or corrupted file can cause your servers to go offline. If your server does get a virus, you could lose access to valuable customer data or data that is essential to the day-to-day operations of your business.

The best way to guard yourself against this issue is to back up your server. You should also use virus scanners and anti-virus software to protect your servers from software issues.

Network Connectivity Issues

You might think that your business network has plenty of bandwidth, but as your business grows, your servers may need more bandwidth than your network is capable of providing.

Be sure to run network speed tests regularly to ensure you have the network speeds to keep your servers online at all times.

Common Server Problems To Look For…

A down server is a problem for your business, so watch out for issues like overheating, power outages, and hardware or software failure.

Backing up your server is the best way to prevent an IT server outage from becoming a bigger issue. If your business needs a managed service provider to help with your business technology needs, connect with us at ITX Tech Group for a free consultation.