IT management is of vital importance to any modern business. If your business has any kind of digital presence whatsoever, be it a website, a large local network, a data center, or a computer that you use to run stock checks, efficiently managed IT is vital.

If you don’t have good IT, your business will suffer. Bad IT management can lead to data breaches or losses, network failures, and inefficiencies. You want to make your business the best it can be, and you need to employ the best IT practices. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some critical IT mistakes that your business must avoid at all costs.

Mistake #1: Not Making Backups

One of the key aspects of good IT management is backing up your files often. If you don’t have backups of your system and you suffer a system failure, getting back online will take a lot longer and be a more laborious process.

You should make backups at least once a month minimum. These should be backups of every bit of data on your system. If possible, use a cloud backup system to store them off-site. This means any problems that affect your local system will not damage your backups.

Mistake #2: Leaky Security

The security of your network should be as important as the security of your physical premises. You need to have security software like an antivirus and a firewall installed, updated, and running always.

You should also not assume that all threats will come from outside your company either. A disgruntled employee with access to your systems can cause a huge amount of damage. Vet your employees and make sure that they only have access to any necessary systems.

Mistake #3: Not Training Employees

If your business has dedicated IT staff, that’s fantastic! However, even if this is true, all of your employees should still receive tech training. If your employees aren’t able to navigate systems efficiently, their productivity will suffer. This means that any tasks that need to be done on a computer will take a lot longer than they need to. Do not skimp on training your employees. Make sure everyone has the skills they need.

Mistake #4: Allowing Weak Passwords

Do you let your employees set their own passwords? Do you mandate a formula that passwords need to follow? If not, you’re opening yourself up to vulnerabilities. You should make sure that all your employees use secure passwords and use a different password for each login across all software/systems that they use.

Mistake #5: Refusing to Modernize

Do you have a setup that you’re currently happy with? Do you stay ahead of technology and IT management trends? The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idea doesn’t apply in IT. If you can afford to modernize, doing staggered upgrades over a longer period of time is cheaper than doing it all in one go. It can also make your business more efficient!

We Can Take IT Management Off Your Hands

IT management can be a difficult field for businesses and individuals who aren’t from a technical background.

If you’re one of those businesses or individuals, we can help you! We’re experts in managed IT services with many clients all throughout the United States. We can help make your business run better than ever and more efficiently too! Get a Free Consultation with us to find out more.