Cybersecurity is vital for your company’s survival. Unfortunately, hackers get smarter with each passing year.

When they infiltrate businesses, it can get deadly. Some cyber-attacks shut down small businesses. Due to cyberattack costs and compromised systems, some never recover.

A network firewall security system helps keep the bad actors away from your server. In addition, this structure allows you to rest easier at night.

We’ll share everything you need to know about network firewall security.

What Is Network Firewall Security

Network firewall security controls the flow of traffic across your server. You can deny unauthorized traffic and accept authorized traffic.

This barrier makes it more difficult for hackers to penetrate your database. The system can reject their IP address and block their entry.

Firewalls Combat Common Network Security Threats

Firewalls address some of the most common network security threats. For example, doS attacks, trojan horses, and computer worms plague the digital world.

These network security threats have significant ramifications. Some can make your laptop obsolete and gain access to sensitive data.

Other threats can delete data from your server. Losing crucial files can stall your company’s growth.

Firewalls combat these external threats. They deny entry to hackers and give you extra protection.

Firewalls Come with Minimal Maintenance

Firewalls save you money. Instead of having multiple employees monitor traffic, firewalls do it for you. This automated process quickly detects threats and blocks entry.

Cyber hackers capitalize on human error. They won’t find as much human error with an automated structure.

You should monitor your firewall’s activity to detect recurring IP addresses.

Knowing a hacker’s IP address helps you take more proactive measures. For example, you can ban an IP address from visiting your site or making login attempts.

You and your team can focus on more critical tasks in your company. The firewall will address external threats.

Having IT tech management adds more protection. An IT team knows what to look for in each firewall.

These teams can identify threats and make sure they don’t become serious problems.

You’ll Need More Than a Firewall

A firewall offers many protections. However, your cybersecurity plan doesn’t conclude with a firewall.

These digital structures do a great job of managing external threats. However, firewalls do not solve internal threats.

Hackers can still steal username and password combinations. If you fire an employee without revoking access, they may take revenge.

Cybersecurity training and protocols remain vital in our ever-changing world. Setting up a firewall acts as a great starting point.

Get Help with Your Cybersecurity

Many business owners don’t want to deal with cybersecurity protocols. Instead, they want to focus on growing revenue and building relationships.

However, a single cyberattack can spoil all of those efforts. You don’t want to go out of business because of a preventable attack.

Our IT company can handle the protocols of network firewall security so you can focus on growing the business. Reach out to us today about our services to see how we can help.