One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a small business is to neglect your small business’s cyber security.

Despite the fact that cyber threats could have a devastating impact on your organization, many companies take very few cyber security precautions.

Companies tend to take a reactive approach where they only implement small business online security measures when it’s already too late. You need to be proactive and address these threats.

This article explains why you need small business security to secure your organization from hackers.


One of the most important parts of small business online security is protecting yourself against ransomware attacks. Ransomware has quickly grown into one of the biggest potential threats that your company faces.

Ransomware involves distributing malware that will encrypt all of your company files. The only way you can get the decryption fee to get your files back is to pay the ransomware attackers.

Paying the attackers doesn’t even necessarily mean you’ll get your files back. Nothing is stopping them from asking for even more money once you pay the initial ransom.

Phishing Attacks

Another important piece of small business security advice is to look out for phishing attacks. This is when cybercriminals create a fake login page that looks very similar to the real thing. They then try to trick people into logging in using this page. Once someone logs in, the hacker has their username and password.

Cyber criminals targeting your organization might create a false login page for your company and try to trick your workers into using it.

Insider Threats

Your organization could also be a victim of insider threats. This is when someone on the inside of your organization works with hackers to help them access your systems. The hackers could then extort your organization or hijack valuable information from you.

Insider threats can be particularly devastating if you’re not a very security-conscious company.

Weak Passwords

Another way that your organization could be hacked is by people using weak passwords. If a password is too simple, a hacker could use an algorithm that tries to guess the password.

Even if your employees use a password that is technically strong, it becomes a weak one if they’re using it across multiple websites. If a worker uses the same password on everything, hackers could obtain the password in a data breach.

That information could then be used to hack your company.

You Need Professional Small Business Security

There are simply too many small business security threats out there for you to be able to understand them all. If you want to keep your business safe from hackers, you need to work with a professional IT company that understands the current threatscape.

If you want to work with a managed IT company that knows how to secure your organization, connect with us today.