Although 40% of people prefer self-service IT solutions, the time will come that they’ll need the IT service desk.

Not all problems get fixed by switching them off and on again. That’s why the IT help desk team remains an essential part of IT services support.

But what are the main challenges they face? What’s it like on the other end of the call or online chat?

This article gives a glimpse into the world of IT management by revealing 5 common daily challenges.

Read on to learn about high volumes of calls and reoccurring problems. See how managed IT solutions can ease the burden for both parties. Then discover how to cut call times through cloud backups.

1. High Volume of IT Help Desk Calls

One incoming support call is simple to manage but what about ten? Or fifty? Or one hundred?

Research shows that the ideal employee-to-help desk ratio is 70:1.

That means that seventy workers should be able to call an IT service desk throughout the working week if required. The support member will, in theory, be able to handle those requests.

However, some IT services cannot cope with these levels. As a result, queue times lengthen and frustration levels rise.

2. Difficult to Explain Problems

Getting to the root cause of the problem is core to an IT help desk. When the person on the other line can’t explain the issue it makes that process harder.

A simple way to overcome this difficulty is through a managed IT service.

Support staff can log in remotely to view the problem. They can then fix it immediately or get a grasp of what’s going on.

Managed IT services also take the pressure off those with little tech experience. Employees can let the ‘tech guy’ solve the problem by raising a support ticket.

3. Recurring Unresolved Issues

Technology is great when it works. The irritation comes when the same issue occurs over and over and never gets resolved.

IT management staff dread this type of request.

It could be a broken printer that works one day but not the next. Or an Internet connection that slows for no apparent reason.

That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional team with the experience to fix the problem correctly.

4. User Files Not Backed Up

Deleted or corrupt files can cause panic and stress. That gets passed on to the help desk when the support call arrives.

Alleviate the worries of losing files through a cloud backup solution. The support member can restore lost files and the result is minimal downtime.

5. Slow Internet Issues

Poor Internet connectivity is a constant support call issue. It can also affect the support service itself when done online.

IT help and solutions professionals smile when there’s a good Internet connection available.

They can log in to fix the problem remotely. That saves time and money. And it reduces dissatisfaction.

Managed IT Service Desk Solutions

IT service desk teams offer a front-line service that covers a range of support requests.

From recurring hardware problems to slow Internet connections, they need to find the right fix fast. Some struggle to cope with large volumes of calls while others offer a limited service.

ITX Tech Group delivers world-class IT help and solutions for any size of business in the United States.

We offer flexible IT support options to fully managed IT services. Providing a secure, reliable, and friendly IT help desk is our goal. And for full peace of mind, we can ensure your data remains safe using cloud backups.

Connect with us today to discover how we can assist your business.

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